LeaderImpact Europe Lab 2023

LeaderImpact in Europe is celebrating 10 years in March of 2023. The economic center of Belgium will be the backdrop for looking ahead, by faith, into the next 10! We extend you a warm invitation to join us in Antwerp for this Leader Lab. 

Fast moving, restless, driven and in constant search for growth... they rarely stop when others say, “it can’t be done” or “why bother”. They don't take failure personally. When they're around, challenges often become opportunities.  
When leaders grow everybody wins.  
When leaders are transformed by God, positive IMPACT is certain. 
When godly leaders get together around a common vision, communities change, cities are transformed, and nations are impacted!

Event Details

Dates: March 23-26, 2023

Location: The Hilton in Old City, Antwerp, Belgium

Price: €495pp (double occupancy)

745,00pp (single occupancy)

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All The Tools You Need For Increasing Your Positive Impact

Join us in Antwerp for four days of guided discussion and training, connecting and inspiring us as a growing European Network.


Europe Leader Lab 2023

Come connect with other leaders across Europe as we

  • Celebrate being a part of a growing LeaderImpact European/Global Network
  • Engage in hands-on movement building opportunities
  • Explore components of the LeaderImpact Movement Cycle 
  • Develop strategic next steps for engaging spiritually curious influential leaders in our cities
  • Establish cooporation for increased impact across Europe

As LeaderImpact Europe we share the uncommon opportunity of witnessing changed lives among leaders! We hope you join this Leader Lab with a mind and heart geared towards increasing impact!

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Guest Speakers:

Shan Gastineau

Studied theology and is passionate about applying God's Word in a business context. He has started multiple businesses and has reinvented himself several times: corporate vice-president, general manager and real estate investor. He leads LeaderImpact in Atlanta, US with about 100 business leaders involved.

Roger Randall

President Riviera Partnerships. Roger served in multiple global and regional leadership positions and has been engaging with high level leaders on the French riviera. He is connected with leaders all over Europe resourcing social entrepreneurs to help change the world.

Nathan Hildebrandt

Helped launch LeaderImpact in Canada. Since 2013 Nathan & his wife, Judy have brought their experience to help start LeaderImpact as a Global Organization, now present in over 350 cities. Nathan & Judy have been training leaders all over the world to help start LeaderImpact. 


Thursday, March 23
6:00 pm – Dinner 
7:00 pm - Session 1 - Why leaders – needs of leaders

Friday, March 24
8:00 am – Breakfast 
9:00 am – Session 2 – WHY leaders – reaching leaders & positive impact
1:00 pm – Lunch 
2:00 pm – City visit & fun
6:00 pm - Dinner 
7:00 pm – Celebration & Vision  – 10 years of Leader Impact in Europe
9:00 pm – Neworking & Fun 


Saturday, March 25
8:00 am – Breakfast 
9:00 am – Session 3 – WHO do we impact – engaging with influential leaders, planning 
1:00 pm – Lunch 
2:00 pm – Antwerp experience
6:00 pm - Dinner 
7:00 pm – Leadership Forum Event, Piano Concert – 10 years of Leader Impact in Europe
9:00 pm – Networking & Fun 

Sunday, March 26
8:00 am – Breakfast 
9:00 am – Session 4 – HOW to build city movements, planning next steps

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