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  •  Develop your Leadership skills, whichever life stage you are at? 

  •  Expand your business  network with like-minded leaders?

  •  Discuss and apply highly recommended  leadership resources?

  •  Be challenged and mutually encouraged for outward impact - in a safe,  confidential and friendly group environment


Will a LeaderImpact group be a good fit for me?

LeaderImpact groups are suitable for marketplace leaders, business owners/directors, Industry leaders looking to develop as leaders personally, professionally and spiritually. 

Starter Groups are happening on a regular basis, so join a group and find out if it's the right fit for you. 

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LeaderImpact is a global network of leaders, committed to making a positive impact in their communities. 

There are over 800 active groups in over 50 countries. Our mission is to help Leaders grow personally, professionally and spiritually for increasing impact in their sphere of influence. 

LeaderImpact NEXT is for early career leaders looking to connect with other leaders to also develop personally, professionally and spiritually.  The world can be transformed by leaders of impact.

Is this you?  If so, what's NEXT?

Comments from Local Group Members

  "The most valuable aspect of our LeaderImpact group is having a trusted, confidential group of leaders outside of my regular workplace, to learn, grow, and discuss life challenges with" 

Chris, Senior HR Director

“I’ve really enjoyed learning some fantastic leadership principles and being able to share and bounce ideas of the other group members who have different experiences and insights.”   


Russ, General Manager, Fintech Company

 "Sometimes it's lonely at the top, that comes with the territory.  However, I had to change my stance on this - through regular interactions with other leaders, and some of the excellent resources, I have realized that I can have the power to change this" 

Sam, VP Marketing,  Global analytics start-up

 "A positive community that inspires you to challenge yourself to become a better leader." 



Andrew, Director, Insurance Brokerage 

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