Interactive Breakout Sessions

Each of these sessions will be available during the Summit to attend live or view on-demand afterwards. 

Several will be available in multiple languages.

Courtney Wong Davis, PhD

Executive Coach/Organizational Consultant and Associate Professor of Communication Management

"Excellent for leaders of any type of group"

We've all experienced "hit or miss" groups and meetings. And when it's a "miss," it leaves many of us wanting more, but uncertain how to get there. Join us to diagnose common pitfalls and learn how to lead better groups and meetings with purpose!

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Azusa Pacific University + Crossroads Consulting Group

Esther De Wolde

CEO, Phantom Screens

"Integrating Faith and Work as a Leader"

You’re a business leader and you are a Christ follower? How can you make a difference in HOW you lead and have eternal impact?

Let’s consider our calling as Christians in the workplace and explore how to make a difference in a non-threatening and non-pushy way.

For further information about Esther See Video Clip 1 and Video Clip 2

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Drs Keith and Esther Dindi

Cardiothoracic Surgeon and CEO, Doctor Fitness

"Returning speakers back by popular request" 

More info coming soon.

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Jonathan Friesen

CEO, Mission Group Enterprisers Ltd

"Highly recommended for Young Professionals"

Everyone struggles with fitting in. Everyone is subject to making life-sabotaging mistakes. Everyone will be thrust into an existential crisis. These big challenges are your "baggage." The question is, will they crush you or will they become your advantage in life and business.

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Katherine Jeffrey

CEO, KJ Consulting

"Highly respected speaker on Generational Shift"

With 5 generations present in the workforce and the huge tensions that exist across these generations, developing culturally intelligent leaders who are adept at bringing out the best in their generationally diverse teams can be a challenge, but once accomplished, it will reduce this tension and allow for a more psychologically safe workplace. Regardless of the workplace sector you find yourself in, the rapid change of today’s world has left all of us needing to understand our intergenerational teams in a more comprehensive and empathetic manner.

One thing we can be sure of is that all employees desire to work under managers who create a safe space for them to flourish. Are you able to ensure this for your employees on multi-generational teams? You are not alone if you are wondering how to decrease the tension across the generations and desire to build a culture where every generation can thrive.

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Leslie and Charmaine Caruana

Agape, Malta

"How to keep relationships as priorities as a leader."  

We are living in a fast moving world where busy career schedules, family and parenting needs keep stacking on each other. Life duties, responsibilities and other demands which we must fulfill require precious time.

The struggle we face is to find a balance between self, family, faith, work, ministry, etc. Yet, in all this we must strive to maintain personal wholeness and couple wellbeing while serving our ministries or leading others 'in the marketplace'.

More than striking the right balance, we would like to focus on setting up the right priorities and making the right choices. This breakout session will take principles needed to prioritise in favour of a healthy lifestyle and apply them in practical situations.

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Bob Lewis

Founder and President, Lewis Leadership

"Trusted advisor to several key organizational leaders"

Organizations today are experiencing change at an unprecedented rate.  To succeed, leaders of those organizations must simultaneously live the change and transition experience in a healthy way, lead others in doing the same, and manage the implementation of the changes themselves.  During this session, participants will explore these three critical roles and the strategies and skills needed to succeed in each.

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Donna Brighton

Leadership Coach, Brighton Leadership Group

"Sought after speaker on Leadership development"

Info about this session will be available soon.

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Jonathan Friesen

CEO, Mission Group Enterprisers Ltd

"Live topic not to be missed"

In July of 2021, the real-estate development company that Jonathan leads experienced a crisis which may have crippled the organization. Jonathan will be sharing some of the key learnings from this crisis which is still ongoing. The objective of this conversation will be to illuminate business leaders of the critical steps necessary to navigate a crisis that may cripple your company, or make it stronger.

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Henry Tan

Group CEO and Chief Innovation Officer, Nexia TS

"For those interested in developing spiritually "

More info to come soon.

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Roger Osbaldiston

Global Team Leader, LeaderImpact

"Practical Steps for Positive Mental Health"

None of us are invincible!  As leaders we often feel the pressure to meet everyone's expectations, but this can take a toll on our mental health and be a quick path to burnout.  Roger will share some of his own journey and practical steps for boosting your mental health and dealing with burnout.   

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Ivan Mendez


"(Espanol) For our Spanish speakers"

  • Pero si todo el mundo lo hace
  • El lider debe ser unico, admirable.
  • Alumbrar no es lo mismo que enceguecer
  • Los lideres abren camino

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Interactive Breakout topic and speaker information will be updated as it becomes available. 

Please check back soon.

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